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Daemons, witches, armored bears and extraordinary children

walking into the sky

His Dark Materials RPG
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His Dark Materials RPG

Lyra caitlin45
Will luigitheclanger
Lord Asriel
Serafina Pekkala
Mrs. Coulter
Pantalaimon _clear_ink
Iorek Byrnison
Chevalier Tialys
Ruta Skadi
Mary Malone madradio921
The Golden Monkey
Scholar Nordberg
Lady Salmakia
Lord Carlo Boreal (Sir Charles Latrom)
Mrs. Cooper (the piano teacher who cares for Will's mother)
Farder Coram
Billy Costa
Ma Costa
Tony Costa
John Faa
Father Gomez
Juta Kamainen
Sayan Kötör
Dr. Lanselius
Father MacPhail
Tony Makarios
The Master Of Jordan College
King Ogunwe
Madame Oxentiel
Giacomo Paradisi
Mrs. Parry
Roger Parslow
Fra Pavel
Dr. Oliver Payne
Iofur Raknison
Salcilia (Roger's daemon)
Lee Scoresby
Sergi (Ruta Skadi's daemon)

[The Game]

This is meant to become a fun, exciting storyline using the characters and places of His Dark Materials. By updating once a week, the community will stay active and the storyline will continue to be interesting.

Don't forget when you're joining that you must join the community, not just add it as a friend.


1. When you join please post the subject as "If one can, and one must, there is no excuse." In the post, list the character you would like to become in the RPG, why you would like this character, and then follow that with this pledge, in bold font: "By joining this community I promise to become my character within the RPG. I promise to stay true to my character's values and memories in the books and RPG. I promise to update once a week, every week. If I fail to update for four weeks in a row, I give away my claim to my chosen character." If you lose your character, you may reclaim it by making a new post like the one described above.

2. Your imaginations are your most powerful tools in this game, but please keep the storyline as true to the world that Pullman has created in HDM as you can. If you decide to create a new place, character, or ability, try to keep it in tune with the realities that have already been set down. The idea is to keep with the theme and setting of the story, while letting the story itself grow.

3. If you are new, as a courtesy, please read at least the last weekly summary to catch up on what has been happening in the plotline. If you are confused as to how RPing works (at least in this community) read through what the members have been writing for help or contact one of the mods with your questions.

4. If you're being aggressive for the sake of the story or your character, it's perfectly acceptable. However, if it becomes obvious that you are being aggressive or abusive towards another member it will not be tolerated. For the sake of the community and your membership, don't do it.

5. Please refer to the taken character lists on the userinfo page before posting one you would like to take. The available character list is by no means a limited one; if you think of another character you would like or wish to make one up, simply let us know in your comment (by the same token, if there is a character from the trilogy that we have left out, let us know so we can update the list.)

6. If for any reason you decide you would like to leave the community, please let us know you will no longer be participating so that we can place your character on the available characters list again.

7. When posting in the RPG, use full proper English.

Thank you and enjoy!

Your mods,


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