luigitheclanger (luigitheclanger) wrote in hdm_rpg,

Starting up

Will forced his eyes open. For just a few seconds he forgot all the problems. He was with Lyra in the forest on the Savana. they were there topgether, frorever, never apart. They were one. Then reality struck home and he knew where he was. His mother would be making breakfast, Mary would be at some lecture or other. That was how she spent her saturdays, anfd Lyra, well he could only gess where she was.
Since his return his mother had begsan tpo get stadily better. She had remembered how to cook, clean, do the ironing, useful things, practivle thinks like that. shortly afterwards mary had moved in. his mother had been reluctant but when she heard that it was mary that had looked after Will when he had "Run away" she changed her mind. There was no need to bother her about what had really happened, so he never did. His room had become Mary's and he had moved into the small spare room come storage room but he liked the enclosure. He could be separated there. He could get away, and he did every moment he could. He just shut himself off...........
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