luigitheclanger (luigitheclanger) wrote in hdm_rpg,

If you can, and you must, there is no excuse.

In this RPG i would like to become Will and his daemon, Kirjava because they are in my opinion the best Charecters in HDM. They are kind, ethical, clever, safe and, Hopefully i'm somthing like them. I'm certainly about the right age so, Hopefully my mind will work in similar ways to theirs. In short they are my favorite charecter. By joining this community I promise to become my character within the RPG. I promise to stay true to my character's values and memories in the books and RPG. I promise to update once a week, every week. If I fail to update for four weeks in a row, I give away my claim to my chosen character.
P.s. if anyone else likes the idea of daemons and people they may follow my example. However if anyone desperatly wants Kirjava i suppose i'll be ok with just Will
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