madradio921 (madradio921) wrote in hdm_rpg,

Hey everyone!

Well, our new member helped me remember that we have this community.

I want the community to continue, and for it to become lots of fun too, with well written, funny, heart wrenching, scary, awe inspiring entries. Can we do it? I think so!

If someone could make a small(ish) banner/picture for the community, that we can post in other His Dark Materials communities to promote this one and to get new members, that'd be great, and they'd get loads of props forever and ever.

and most important...

the existing members get first pick at parts. I'm going to make a fresh post on November 23rd for that purpose.

I'm doing it then so you can... 

Pick who you want

Give a reason why you want them and

Decide whether you can make time to update at least once a week

The length of the post can be however long, but I think that if everyone does something with the story at least once a week, we'll have a cool, fast-paced RPG.

Thanks everyone, see ya on the 23rd!

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