madradio921 (madradio921) wrote in hdm_rpg,

It had been a long while since Lyra and Will had been seperated. Both had grown accustomed to the empty feeling that filled their consciousness. They were never going to see each other again. They had to get used to that fact.
Lyra simply sat on the swing in the Botanic Garden, swaying her legs gently back and forth as the incoming gale whipped the hair around her face, as she just sat there. It had been an extremely bad day.
Will woke up, rolling over on the couch, only to land with a resounding thump on the floor. Rubbing his head, he slowly rose up and walked into Mary's computer room, where she was typing away. "Oh, hello dear" she said contentedly, sipping a cup of coffee. "I trust you've had a good night's sleep?"...

The thump on his head getting worse, Will saw for the first time how much Mary helped him. Terrible beasts in the forests had been following him, seemingly thriving off of his mear presence. Unlike the ones the children told him about, they were golden, filled with light. They always seemed ready to speak, yet, never did, that's what made them so horrible. While walking one day, Will saw Mary patiently using the I Ching sticks.

Reading the final outcome, she did as she was told and simply turned around. Suddenly Mary's screams filled the air. Taken over by surprise of seeing Will, half-naked, bloody, and near death she knew she must take him back to her world...



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