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"If you can, and you must, there is no excuse."

I would like to be pan. I always connected most with lyra's daemon while reading the books. He was always there when she needed him and they shared a special bond that i feel would be interesting to portray. Depending on whether we start from scratch or from where amber spyglass left off (which i feel would be best as it would allow us to be more creative) it would be interesting to play with the transformation aspect of the daemons. Also i've always been particualarly fond of the interactions between the humans and their respective daemons. Yep, so that's my two cents. Hope it was sufficiant. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to abide by the pledge but i won't make any promises. If i find that i can't update i'll step down.

By joining this community I promise to become my character within the RPG. I promise to stay true to my character's values and memories in the books and RPG. I promise to update once a week, every week. If I fail to update for four weeks in a row, I give away my claim to my chosen character." If you lose your character, you may reclaim it by making a new post like the one described above.
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